Free OKR Workshop Canvas Kit

Tasked with running an OKR workshops at both the organizational and team level?

Download our free OKRIA Workshop Canvas Kit today to help set big goals and outline the incremental steps to achieve them.

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The OKRIA model considers both goal setting and achievement.

The kit includes workshop canvases for:

  • Setting objectives based on organizational initiatives
  • Defining measurable key results towards achieving objectives
  • Planning the initiatives you'll use to drive key results
  • Setting out the activities necessary to complete initiatives
  • Looping back to set initiative objectives and key results


This approach ensures an OKR process which ensures:

  • More achievable, inter-connected goals and initiatives
  • Involvement in the goals setting process from from all stakeholders
  • Better top down and bottom up alignment and buy-in

And It's Free To Use

Not only is it free to download, the OKRIA model is released under a Creative Commons ShareAlike licence. Share it, use it and make it your own.

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Learn about our strategic planning canvas set designed to bring stronger definition to annual and quarterly OKR goal-setting and initiative planning.

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