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We help organizations set goals and achieve them with our open-source toolkit and coaching model designed to enhance the OKR practice.

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diagram: an objective has key results, and each key results has initiatives, which are made up of activities. This structure is used to model goal setting and achievement in the OKRIA framework.

What We Offer

OKRIA offers end-to-end solutions for better OKR adoption and achievement

OKR Training

Manager, executive, and team OKR training ensures buy-in and secures adoption.

  • Remote group or one-on-one
  • Learn to facilitate
  • Advocate the process
  • Onboard your team

OKR Coaching

Our proven workshop focused framework encourages collaboration and engagement.

  • Executive strategic planning
  • Team and management OKR workshops
  • Initiative and activity planning
  • Remote and/or in person

OKR Support

Consistent engagement with our experienced coaches ensures accountability to your goals

  • Team and manager OKR retropsective
  • OKR performance reporting
  • Chat and support desk
  • Guides, examples, and templates

Introducing the OKRIA API

OKRIA API provides an open-source API first CMS to help product managers and developers:

  • Create and manage OKRs
  • Plan initiatives and activities
  • Integrate these concepts with custom apps, or third-party tools
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OKR Coaching Packages

We offer packaged pricing for our OKR services to set you up with everything you need.


  • Teams of 5-50 people
  • 1-year remote engagement
  • Manager OKR training
  • Quarterly OKR workshops
  • Monthly OKR retrospective
  • OKR support desk

Small Enterprise

  • Teams of 50-150 people
  • 1-year engagement
  • Remote or in-person
  • Executive & manager OKR training
  • Annual executive planning
  • Quarterly OKR workshops
  • Monthly OKR retrospective
  • OKR support and chat

Medium to Large Organizations

Our OKR coaching framework was built to scale.

To get a quote for an OKR services package catered to your organizations please get in touch.


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Get started with our OKR framework today by downloading our free OKRIA Canvas

OKRIA Canvas

Download and print our free OKRIA Canvas to enhance your existing OKR practice

  • Facilitate workshops
  • Learn the fundamentals
  • Set goals collaboratively
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